The Plan

With every great endeavor there must be preparation. Preparation can either break or make a man, and even over preparation can sometimes be fatal. During this time I will look for places to trek through, both tame and wild. My heart is in the Adirondacks and I feel she will comfort me if I truly wish to know her.

My preparations begin with a basic understanding of the region.

First Post to a New Beginning

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about home. Not so much my friends and family, but my surroundings. Currently, I live in Pensacola, Florida and it just doesn't satisfy my adventurous nature. Though overwhelmingly spectacular the beaches are, there's not much to do but sit around and get some sun. Variety is not apart of the vocabulary down south. Flat terrain and dense populations. The wilderness is not prevalent here.

Each day I find myself wondering, searching, admiring such beautiful places in the Adirondacks, as I can recollect as a child. My heart has not left there and I feel will remain there throughout my days.

As of now, I am preparing, learning, and saving for my venture back north. I was born in the north, I love the north, and I can't quit the north. Not only is there a variety in terrain, but also seasonally difference. Activities year round can be accomplished. Snowshoeing in the winter, hiking and boating in the spring and summer months and finally the cool months of Autumn reveal much wonders only seen in those parts of the world. There's nothing like it and there will be nothing like it... at least in these dull brown eyes.

I will try to post entries at least a few times a week to keep myself busy and keep you updated with my progress of knowledge and understanding. I yearn to know what I can about my home and its history and natural splendor. Thanks for listening.

Your friend, Jake the Adirondwhack.


Cigarettes are cool, kids.

According to reports in foreign media, a survey conducted by the British Children's Food Campaign shows that many Heinz products contain too much saturated fat, salt, and sugar, and hence they pose a threat to the health of children who eat them.
+ China CSR

Talc is closely related to the potent carcinogen asbestos. Talc particles have been shown to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs of cancer victims.
+ Prevent Cancer

Recently identified a group of toxic chemicals known as phthalates in urine of adults, with highest levels in premenopausal women, resulting from inhalation and skin exposure to volatile parent ingredients used extensively as solvents and plasticizers in personal care and cosmetic (PCC) products.
+ Safe 2 Use

Many baby and children’s care products have been found to contain the carcinogenic chemicals formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane.
+ Dr. Mercola

Consuming processed meats increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, says new research conducted at the University of Hawaii that followed nearly 200,000 men and women for seven years. According to lead study author Ute Nothlings, people who consumed the most processed meats (hot dogs and sausage) showed a 67% increased risk of pancreatic cancer over those who consumed little or no meat products.
+ Organic Consumers

When the temperature of the artificial sweetener Aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in it converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which causes metabolic acidosis.
+ Natural News

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I'll keep it simple. So, why do cigarettes seem evil? Because they are trying to sell a product? Because they are trying to sell a product to young people? Interesting.


Dream Entry /// One

Daylight / Probably around five in the afternoon. The sun was low and would set soon.

Holidays/Significant Events:
Yes, around Christmas time.

Grandfather with new wife / Brother Patrick / And grandfather's men [bodyguards]

The mall / inside store / outside near entrance of mall / Through the stair case / Basement

Inside shopping for gifts. Did not have a lot of money. Found a few things. One in particular was broke but found missing piece. Went outside, didn't pay for items. Greeted by grandfather and new wife. Introduced to new wife. Hugged her and conversed a little bit. When I got outside his right hand man drew a pistol on me. Put it to my head. Intention was to keep me from running away and keep me where I was. I noticed an intense sense of paralysis from the fear. I was thinking about him shooting me and the feeling it would cause. Trying to embrace it and wondering what the feeling from it would be. Seemed more real to be a dream. After the man had left to go talk to some one. I quickly ran back inside. Stopped at the door and looked back at grandfather who was holding back his new wife as if she didn't want me to get away.

Inside, I noticed Patrick. As I was about to say something to him he gave me a gesture as to keep my mouth shut. I knew he was not sympathetic to my cause and was also apart of it. I tried following him as he walked away but he started talking to two people next to a crane machine.

I quickly fled down the near by stair case. Without getting down the first flight, a man started walking up them. I grabbed onto the ledge and pulled myself up so not to be spotted. He passed. Continuing down the stairs I noticed a few different rooms. One was a cleared out conference room with dim red lights. The other was a kitchen with men conversing. I could not directly see into the kitchen because the hallway from the entrance curved at a ninety degree angle. Also, a door with an EXIT sign was directly across from the kitchen. I chose that door to go out of. Opening quietly as not to make any noise, I stepped out onto a wooded deck with a small wooded fence around it. Beyond the fence was a medium sized grassy field with a few scattered trees giving it much shade from the dying sun. It was closed off and concealed by a wall of thick trees and shrubs. Out in the field were four men. Three men in black pants and white shirts were tied with their hands behind their backs and kneeling down closely to the ground. The other man was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie. He was taunting the men and telling them that it is useless for them to try and run and that no one will see him do this. He was pointing a pistol at them the whole time. I was laying down on the stairs behind one of the wooden fences as not to be seen.

As the one man spoke to the gun man that there could be some one watching... the gunman shouted at him that there is no one but them out there. After that I sneaked back inside undetected.

End of dream. [Woke up]


Cry. Cry. Cry baby cry.

Woman sues Starbucks; says scalding coffee, unattached lid caused disfigurement

As you can notice, or no one has, that I've been slackin' a little bit. I haven't really been on the up and up, ripping morons new assholes and such. But, I've retured with an issue that has gotten me thinking a little bit.

According to this article, a woman is sueing "the Seatle based coffee house empire" for 250 grandola for an apparent simple accident made by the "customer service associate." The lid was not fully attatched. Yes, I can see the impulse of anger unleashing on the helpless employee, but God damn... We're all human.

This just goes to show you how selfish our society really is. It's assholes like this dumb bitch that make prices higher, and regulations stricter, which affects the employer, employee, and ultimately everyone who steps into Starbucks. That's just on the micro scale. Imagine if everyone had the fucking nuts to do this everyone they spilled scalding hot coffee on their hands.

It seems that everyone's focus is on the government, and their shortcomings with aiding the working class, and destroying the ever perpetuating economy, when it's the working class man just trying to make some quick guap and caring less about the situation involving our nation. Why do you really think prices go up? It surely can't just be inflation. Let's just add to the list that it's fucking retards like this lady who is driving our country south.



He's old as fuck, but I think the coach wants to play.

Hello, gentlemen and hookers. Pimps and politicians. Everyone a-massed today to hear the voice of the innocence of our nation. I've been thinking about a certain issue at hand, and I would like to clear up my thoughts on it.

Yes, politics is a touchy subject these days due to such circumstances we face today which no persons are willing to let go. One wrong move and we're fucked. Insurance is our greatest policy and for it we can handle nothing on our own.

Recently, I've been listening to the radio and a song was playing and it got me thinking.

With this lyric mostly I've been paying most attention to:
Blast off, it's party time
And where the fuck are you?
Where the fuck are you?
Where the fuck are you?
Why don't presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?
Why don't presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?
Why do they always send the poor?
Why do they always send the poor?
Why do they always send the poor?

Giving credit where do, I'd like to acknowledge Ozzy for that one. I've always thought that, considering I'm young, this wave of anti-government was a neo trend.

But no, it started years back.

I'd like to break something down to everyone that agrees with those lyrics.

First: Yeah, let's party. Let's blame the president for all these problems when we help with nothing. Has everyone forgotten what President Kennedy stated? Ask no what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? I've seen no participation besides that of the men and women fighting for our country over seas.

Back during the Second World War, people would ration their meat and send the rest over to the troops. Also, women would work in shops making the weapons and transport for the troops. Now, that's what I call sacrifice.

Nowadays, all we see is complaining. We need to get the troops out of Iraq. Nothing but news specials on how the war is going. That's all we have to offer our country. News specials. Death tolls. Where's the positivity in that?

Second: Presidents don't fight the war for a reason. It's called, "He's the most important man in the free world." Not to mention he's old as shit by military standards. You cannot join active duty military over the age of twenty seven. Also, he's already done his service for this nation, not to forget almost if not all other presidents preceeding our current.

I was talking about this issue one time and I heard an analogy from my good friend and sexual partner, Sean Radliff. He made a good point. "You wouldn't send the football coach in to play." True. I have to completely agree with that. First, as I mentioned previously, he's probably old as shit. If you sent the coach in, who would coach?

Thirdly: The reason the we think it's only the poor that are fighting is because the military offers generous handouts to troops and for a poor man, a military career is a good living, and honorable. If he can't do anything significant in his life, the join the military.

I've met many people while I was in the Air Force who were considered rich. The kid across the hall from me lived in a 2.5 million dollar villa right along the beach with about three boats. Good sized boats I might add.

Has everyone forgotten that the military is voluntary. Everyone in the armed forces is there by their own will. No one forced them. Just themselves.

I hope I've helped some of you idiots out there who think the president is trying to destroy the world.



The woes of a working man.

Hello, all. Welcome to a new installment of the subtle wonders of Mr. Jacob King. I've recently aquired a hirement in a small chain of New Englandish convenient stores slash gas station. Cumberland Farms, a.k.a. Cumby's, a.k.a. Scumby's has taken an interest in me, the one, Jacob King.

I've never had experience as a customer service associate, a.k.a. "clerk" but, I seem to be getting jist of it. As of now, the only problem I have is the lottery machine. Too many God damned buttons. But they tell me I will eventually get in the swing of things and it will be as natural as masterbation.

Yesterday, being my fourth day of employment, I've managed to cost the store over eighty dollars worth of stolen goods. Not on purpose of course. Anything over fifty dollars is grounds for a "write up" and possibly unemployment a.k.a "My ass getting fired." But, hey. Yesterday is done. It's beyond me. Beginning the day with swift kick in the ass is by no means a pleasure I'd like to obtain, but it certainly didn't get panties in a wad.

Leaving today at ten in the P.M. I've only lost three dollars and thirty seven cents for the company. I hear I won't get shit for it, but that's to be seen.

So, for all of you who look down upon store clerks or customer service associates for the layperson, think twice. Think an abundance of times as a matter of fact before you throw your little "customer service associates" to the curb. You depend on them no matter how rich, no matter how famous, no matter the shituation. Thank them before you leave the store. Take them not for granted, but as priceless treasure at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Heed my words.